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A key feature of succesfull health education/intervention program is working with peers.Health outreach workers who come from within the community have priviledged access and are therefore better able to engage the trust and confidence of members of the target community.U-Tena is an organization well situated to address the challenges of providing HIV education in Mukuru.

U-Tena mobilizes, recruits, and trains youth from the slums to provide community based popular education.Through traditional music, dance and theatre, youth deliver messages around HIV and sexual health to the community.Performances are delivered in a variety of community forums and are facilitated in order to elicit participation from the audience.
Through facilitated performances, U-Tena is able to dispel myths related to HIV transmissions, to encourage testing, 100% condom use and discussions around sexual health and HIV.Daily outreach in the form of performance using comedy and theatre takes place within the community thus providing a contextually appropriate setting that is comfortable to the target population.


U-Tena implemented a youth friendly policy in the LungaLunga Health Center, in partnershipwith GOAL Kenya and the Ministry of Health, Kenya.

The integration of youth-friendly service was set in 2009. Peer educators invite youth to 'hang-out', engage in off-street activities(computer games, theater, music etc) and receive health education and services.Information on HIV/STI prevention is shared and youth are taught to make informed decisons related to sexual activityand are encouraged to test for HIV/STI at the adjoining clinic.